Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Really Bro? #18

A Mini Treatise on Error and the True Context of Kyle Williams' Error

       The last time I checked, mistakes are quite abundant among most people. I don’t think there is any human on this planet that isn’t subject to fallibility. Everyone makes mistakes, no? When you’re at the grocery store and there is a miss-scan on an item, you don’t throw your arms up in disbelief and demand the manager. Well, unless you’re quite particular about your checkout time and a freakin nut. But most of us would just dismiss it and go on about our days and never think about it again. Granted, some mistakes are more heavily weighed than others, and make a much bigger impact than others. But, unless someone died as a result of one’s mistake, there is usually no need to throw a fit. They are, after all, unintentional. Mistakes are natural and contingent on the context. 

(Kyle Terada- US PRESSWIRE)

        Now, sports fans are notorious for their outrageous behavior. Hell, humans in general are notorious for not being the most rational animals at times –and yes, we are animals and subject to our instincts, but that’s another rant altogether. We do dumb things sometimes! Now, you combine our human nature which has its flaws – or rather, they are flaws depending on the environment, and you take a social media apparatus such as Facebook, or Twitter, and you get a sometimes nasty concoction that will make many cringe at the first sight of these ugly pixelations. Let me make this next statement as blatant as possible; PEOPLE WHO THREATEN ATHLETES FOR THEIR ON-THE-FIELD MISTAKES NEED TO…WAIT FOR IT…BRO THE FUCK UP!!! Do you not have anything better to do? You see, it used to be that these idiots would just sit at home or on a bar stool, probably wishing they could be professional athletes and say these things. But thanks to these social media outputs they now have a large platform on which to say these things and reach large populations. They could even reach the person themselves!!! Lets say that you work in some office and you lose some paperwork. Sure, you messed up, but do you think that you should be subject to threats? I don’t think so. A critique is far different from a threat.

        It seems that fans are taking his mistakes out of their context. It seems as though these so fundamentally flawed individuals have posited this event in to the context where an individual’s malicious intentions lead to another’s death. This context is, however, false. The correct context would be one in which there is a sporting event, a fairly important event that will determine the advancement of one team over another. And even with the proper intentionality, one member commits an unfortunate error. By reading this, one could see that this should hardly warrant any kind of threats. In its context it’s nothing more than an error that deserves criticism. Taken in the correct context it should cause the correct reaction. 

        Did Kyle Williams commit an error? Yes. Did these errors warrant the threats he’s been receiving? HELL NO!!! He made some mistakes, but none that should justify this stupidity. I’m sure I’m not saying anything that he, anyone in the organization or anyone who thinks rationally doesn’t know. This article ought to be read by fans. Stupid, flawed, ignorant fans.

Kyle Williams, the Los Tebros have your back.

And to all those ignorant fans…BRO THE FUCK UP!!!

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