Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Really, Bro? #15

Some High School U.S. Army All Americans

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       Only a selected few each year are chosen to play and represent the name of being a U.S. Army All American. Some of the best NCAA and NFL players have played in this game and showcased their talents, so these players should feel proud, but humble at the same time. Every sport at any level, there are going to be egotistical players who think that they are above their peers, but Los TeBros were shocked to hear that quite a few of these All Americans were unhappy with something petty. 

Adrian Peterson & Reggie Bush were just two of many great players to play in this Bowl Game.

         They weren't upset about about starting in the Bowl game or anything of that matter, but instead, they were upset about the numbers on the back of their jerseys. Los TeBros understands that not all of these players were upset and we know from our experiences as players that we do have favorite numbers, but why start all of this commotion about a number when you have a golden opportunity to showcase your talents. They can't wear a different number for ONE game? Really, Bro? This Bowl Game is very important, but I'm pretty sure scouts could care less what number the players wear as long as they play well.

       Some players like the #9 ranked CB in the nation, Kevon Seymour, were upset about the jersey number. He received #41 instead of the highly sought after #1. Seymour, who has yet to commit to any school, admitted that the availability of the #1 may dictate his decision. Really, Bro? I guess the power is all in the number. I guess Seymour cannot play effectively if he cannot wear #1.

       Mike Davis, the #6 ranked RB, was so upset about not receiving #28 he had to be given a new number. He doesn't even have a name on the back of his new #14 jersey. Really, Bro?

       These players may be very good players, but they need to change their attitudes. Los TeBros cannot understand their resistance to play ONE game in a jersey with a different number. From experience, I never cared looked at my own jersey nor my number. Why can't these players just play the game? Why make such a big deal.

Bowl Official John Schmid said the following:

   " What are we going to do? We've got 35 kids 
     who want a single-digit number, and we've 
     only got nine. "

Tracy Howard, the #1 CB in the nation, stated the following:

 " That's ignorant. Why would Why would you think you could just
   get any number you wanted? I don't think anyone is going to
   outwork me, but at the same time, if guys have been in the 
   system and are doing the work, they get the number. You get a
   number, work hard and then you'll get what you want. "

Well said, Mr. Howard. Los TeBros applaud your act of BROfessionalism.
As for Seymour, Davis & the rest of the players who made a big deal, you guys get a Really, Bro? Not only that, but also a BRO the F*ck Up!

What do you guys think about this? Should there be duplicate numbers for this Bowl Game? Or should these players suck it up and play the ONE game with an unfamiliar number? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.
Also, when these players reach college it's going to get worse. They better BRO up now.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, do these "guys" change in the girls locker room? Making a bad name for themselves before they've even made a name for themselves. The point has been made, they should be happy to be getting a jersey at this event. They should be replaced with other players, because one reason for these games is to showcase MATURITY.

ST11 said...

LOL, they definitely made themselves look foolish & immature. I agree 100% with your comment, there are several players who would love to be in their position.

Thanks for the comment. If you want to leave more comment on this article or another one, feel free.

- ST11

Cristina said...

have you seen the racist video targeting MEXICANS!!! you should take a look... we need to take action now!!! what about if it was the opposite Mexicans girls talking trash about Whites!!! we need to take a stand and raise our voice!!!

Vegi Wayne said...

Hi Crisitina,

Can you enlighten us on this video and maybe we will be able to address it in a future article

--Vegi Wayne

Stephan White said...

The point has been made, they should be happy to be getting a jersey at this event. They should be replaced with other players,