Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Really, Bro? #14

Zach Randolph's "Block"

       Los TeBros witnessed a questionable call while watching the Oklahoma City Thunder-Memphis Grizzlies game. Half way through the third quarter, Thunder C Kendrick Perkins drove to the rack and was fouled "blocked" by Grizzlies PF Zach Randolph.

2011 Playoffs- Game One (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America)

Really, Bro? #13

Kobe Bryant Doubters

Let's start off by saying, Los TeBros knows that this article will spark some controversy, so we'd love to hear your arguments for or against our evaluation in the comment section below.

       This article will be a continuation to Vegi Wayne's What's Going on in Lob Angeles article. Los TeBros couldn't help, but notice negative article after negative article about Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. Los TeBros would like to shed some light on Kobe's performance on the court while dealing with predicaments off the court.

       Currently, the Los Angeles Lakers are 1-2 after picking up their first win of the season after defeating the Utah Jazz in a convincing 96-71 fashion. On Christmas Day, the Lakers lost the first game of the season after Kobe turned the ball over and Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose hit the game winning shot with 4.8 seconds left. The second loss, the day after, was horrific for Lakers fans. The 100-91 loss to the Sacramento Kings sent most Lakers fans into panic mode.

Kobe Bryant is upset about a call or lack thereof.

What's Going on in Lob Angeles

Lob City....Lob Angeles.... Kobe Bryant

Tyga is quick to come out with a Clippers rap after one game into the season. His performance on this track flies high just like Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan and might be the anthem of the winter. But with this Young Money production, we have to look back on an instant classic... 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Let's Broooo!!!!!

The Start of the NBA Season

       The wait is almost over! Los TeBros have been waiting for this BROment since that late night decision to end the lockout was announced. After an entire offseason full of uncertainty, the 2011-2012 NBA season will begin tomorrow, Christmas Day, at 12:00 pm Eastern/9:00 am Pacific with a match-up between the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks. Christmas Day will be filled with great basketball games: Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks, Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magics vs. Oklahoma City Thunder & Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors. Make sure to check some hilarious Season's Greetings from Sports Players/Teams.

Lakers Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, is excited about the end to the lockout.
Mav's Owner Mark Cuban doesn't want to give up the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy, no matter what.

       Even though the Heat-Mavericks match up will be a rematch of the 2011 NBA Finals and the promising Los Angeles Clippers who have 2011 Rookie of the Year PF Blake Griffin and newly acquired four-time All Star PG Chris Paul will face another young talented team in the Warriors, Los TeBros will talk about the Lakers-Bulls match up.

Monday, December 19, 2011

[Honorable Mentions] #2 Los TeBros BROments of the Week

The Kansas City Chiefs, the Indianapolis Colts & Plaxico Burress

Fellow TeBros, these two teams accomplished things have yet to be done this season. The Chiefs beat the unbeaten and the Colts won to prevent from having the all-beaten season. The Chiefs did so under the new intermittent head coach Romeo Crennel. He said to the Packers, "Really Bro, you thought you could beat me?"

In the defeat, the Packers lost two of their O-linemen to injury, so the Chiefs may have done more damage than just ruining the "perfect" season.

Los TeBros BROment of the Week #2

Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson

       This week's Los TeBros BROment of the Week is as close to a bro a machine can be. This man has drive, determination and physicality of a man. His name is Calvin "Megatron" Johnson.

       Megatron went hard with 214 yds and 2 TDs, including the game winning touchdown with 39 seconds left. Of the 98 yards on the final drive to score, Johnson accounted for 75 receiving yards and an additional 17 yards on a pass interference call. Johnson's 214 yards is third most in Lions history. More importantly, all of this came against the team who passed up Calvin Johnson for Jamarcus Russell.

      Megatron is on a team poised to make the playoffs for the first time since 1999, but look like serious contenders for the next decade. The Raiders are wavering, still looking for consistency that they have lacked since their last Super Bowl appearance.

Who will be next week's Los TeBros Performer of the Week?

Really, Bro? #12

Pittsburgh Steelers

       Late in Monday Night's game the Steelers were down 20-3 and already injured two-time Super Bowl winning QB Ben Roethlisberger was still under center as they started the drive at their own 14 yard-line. Roethlisberger, who suffered a high ankle sprain the previous game, had a hard time walking/moving and even standing up on one leg, had no reason to remain in the game. Yes, the Steelers blew a HUGE opportunity to claim the top spot in the AFC North and top seed in the AFC in overall, but since Ben was taking hits all game and the Steelers offense wasn't moving against a stingy 49ers defense, Roethlisberger should have been pulled.

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger suffers a high ankle sprain in a 14-3 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Really, Bro? #11

San Diego Chargers QB Phllip Rivers

       I'll start by saying "No," this is not about his performance for my fantasy football team. I'm pretty happy about the big night he had tonight (even though he was on my bench), but that's not the point. Also, this "Really, Bro?" isn't going to be like the previous ones. Instead, this one was a complete surprise to Los TeBros.

       Actually, on second thought, maybe it is relevant to a certain extent. It's pretty obvious that Phillip Rivers has not performed the way he usually has in previous seasons. His 4,015 passing yards and 23 touchdowns are still impressive, but when I've watched him earlier in the season it looked like there was something physiologically wrong with him. He's turned the ball over more through 14 games than he has in any of his previous seven seasons with a total of 22 turnovers (17 interceptions, 5 fumbles lost).

       What's wrong with him? Terrible offensive line? Injuries to his top targets? Defense placing too much pressure on his shoulders?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Really, Bro? #10

Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Mike Brown

       Los TeBros heard an interesting story today, Lakers Head Coach Mike Brown thinks that bringing Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) off of thebench would "bolster" their bench. Adding World Peace to the Lakers bench would definitely strengthen a bench that is lacking depth due to the departure of 2011 Sixth Man of the Year Lamar Odom. Los TeBros has no problem that World Peace will come off the bench, but Los TeBros has a problem with a possible replacement. Brown had this to say
          " I might start Matt (Barnes).
           I  might start Luke (Walton)... "

            Really, Bro? I had to take a break before I continued. 

Jeff Lewis/AP Photo

         Many Lakers fans would like to see Walton remain where 
               he is in the photo above, on another team's bench.

Really, Bro? #9: TeBros over Kilos

Chicago Bears WR Sam Hurd

Sam Hurd was arrested in Chicago today for attempting to purchase five to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week to sell in the Chicago area. REALLY BRO?

       Including your prorated signing bonus for 2011, other bonuses and base salary, you are scheduled to make $1,528,333 in 2011 and you are looking to delve into the illegal drug world? With all that money, you couldn't even hire an assistant to do your dirty work? Not smart bro

Really, Bro? #8

Indonesia's Ban on the "Punk" Look

WARNING: Viewer's Discretion is Advised

       When the most worrisome demographic of any region is that of a sub-punk culture, you know there are going to be bro-codes broken. Now, when a person’s hair is thrown into the debate, hahaha we are really going to have a problem. Apparently some Indonesians are annoyed with the punk culture enough to conduct a raid on a punk show sweeping kids away for some moral cleansing! Yea!!! Let the spiritual healing begin! Wait, last time I checked, I don’t think that there is anything that necessarily connects one’s musical preference to their moral standing. In fact, one would say that to be taken into bondage by a preference may hold some correlation to one’s naivety or feeblemindedness. Kids committing crimes on the grounds of their connection and bondage to a work of art would be a sign of their naivety. And at this show, no one was arrested or charged any criminal counts for breaking a law. Hey, you know what also is a sign of feeblemindedness? Taking fucking kids away, cutting their hair, and trying to “educate” them on morals- all on the grounds that punk culture is immoral. Those aren’t fucking determinable grounds at all! Well fuck you bro, you can’t do that!!! This was a completely unbro-like moment for Indonesia.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Really, Bro? #7

Los Angeles Lakers

This Really Bro goes out to the front office of the Los Angeles Lakers. You just traded away the Reigning 6th man of the year

-2 time NBA Champion
-6th Man of the Year
-U.S.A. 2010 FIBA Champion

And what did you get in return? ....What'd you say? A 2012 1st round pick and a trade exemption?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Really, Bro? #6

CBS [December 12, 2011]

       You feel that deep, cold feeling in your heart? That's the emptiness of not watching a new episode of How I Met Your Mother last night. Los TeBros, like millions of others, set a special BROment aside to watch HIMYM at 8:00 pm every Monday evening. As to our surprise, HIMYM's Facebook page posted,

  " HIMYM will be pre-empted tonight... "

You're not the only one Barney

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Los TeBros BROment of the Week #1

The Denver Broncos

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

       After being shut out for the first three quarters and most of the fourth, Broncos QB Tim "The Mile-High Messiah" Tebow threw a 10 yard TD to WR Demaryius Thomas with 2:08 left in the 4th quarter. After the Broncos messed up a perfect opportunity to recover an onside kick (two Broncos bumped into each other), on a second down, Bears RB Marion Barber ran for a nice short gain, he ran out of bounds. Thus, stopping the clock with 1:55 left in the 4th.

       The Broncos would eventually get the ball back via Adam Podlesh punt and then Tebow did his thing. Completing pass after pass to set up Matt Prater's 59 yard game-tying field goal.

Watch in 1080p:

       In OT, the Bears won the toss and started with the ball. The Bears had a nice drive and were in a good situation to win the game. A couple plays after Barber made a diving catch to put the Bears in FG range, Barber took the handoff and found a hole and looked as if he was going to reach paydirt. Barber was then stripped of the ball and the Broncos recovered.

Really, Bro? #5

Week 14 Monday Night Football

       The Monday Night matchup will between the Seattle Seahawks & the St. Louis Rams. This is a prime time matchup....

Really, Bro? #4

London Fletcher's Hit on Tom Brady w/ other Questionable Calls: Really, Bro?

        I'm sure you guys know that quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers & Peyton Manning are all BROtected by the new NFL rules for protecting the quarterback, but there was an incident that occurred late in the second half of the New England Patriots & Washington Redskins game, while the 'Skins were leading 20-17.

        From Washington's 23 yard line on 2nd & 4, Tom scrambled and was lit up by Redskins MLB London Fletcher. The problem is that Brady slide and once a QB slides, a defender cannot hit them. This time, Brady slid too late and Fletcher decked him. 

Toni L. Sandys/ The Washington Post

Really, Bro? #3

Dan Gilbert Persuades Stern to Shut Down CP3-Lakers Trade?

        The Los Angeles Lakers, the Houston Rockets & the (League owned) New Orleans Hornets all agreed on a deal Thursday afternoon that would send PG Chris Paul to the Lakers; SF/PF Lamar Odom, PF Luis Scola, SG Kevin Martin & C Goran Dragic to the Hornets; and the Rockets would receive PF Pau Gasol.

       This trade was almost complete and the players were ready to switch teams. And then hours later, everyone found out that NBA Commissioner David Stern had prevented the deal from going through. David Stern; Really, Bro?

Chris Paul tweeted "WoW," after learning about the trade veto.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Really, Bro? #2

Ryan Braun Tests Positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Milwaukee Brewers All Star LF & *2011 National League MVP tested for positive PED's. Deum...
                 Really, Bro?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Associated Press

Brewers better sign Prince Fielder as Braun may face a 50 game suspension.

AP Photo/Morry Gash

       What if this came out before the NL MVP was awarded to Braun, would Matt Kemp have won? Matt Kemp's probably thinking Really, Bro?

There is still a chance that this is just a false accusation. Reggie Miller tweeted the following:

Really, Bro? #1

Cincinnatti-Xavier Brawl: Really, Bros?

Let us start by stating that Los TeBros are not a fan of neither team, our opinion of this disgusting brawl is not biased at all.

       We understand that there is a heated rivalry between the Cincinnati Bearcats and the Xavier Musketeers, but this incident is both disturbing and unacceptable for this college basketball rivalry game and/or any type of sporting event.
       The Musketeers were in control of this rivalry match early and comfortably on their way to a perfect 8-0 record. That is until, there was 9.4 seconds left in the second half. Which abruptly ended the game with Xavier winning 76-53.

       Earlier in the week, Cincinnati's Sean Kilpatrick was asked, while appearing on WQRT-AM Cincinnati, if he was a better player than Xavier's All-American guard Tu Holloway. The intention of Andy Furman, the person asking the question, definitely got the answer he was looking for. Kilpatrick said "I'll let the fans decide." Furman then asked for Kilpatrick's own opinion and then responded with, "Yes I am." Kilpatrick should have sniffed out the trap set by Furman, but continued to participate in these obvious trap questions. Furman asked if Holloway would start for the Bearcats, Kilpatrick responded,
      " Would he, with the players we have now? "
                " I would say no. "
Did Kilpatrick really give Tu Holloway and the rest of the Xavier Musketeers bulletin board material?

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