Sunday, December 11, 2011

Really, Bro? #4

London Fletcher's Hit on Tom Brady w/ other Questionable Calls: Really, Bro?

        I'm sure you guys know that quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers & Peyton Manning are all BROtected by the new NFL rules for protecting the quarterback, but there was an incident that occurred late in the second half of the New England Patriots & Washington Redskins game, while the 'Skins were leading 20-17.

        From Washington's 23 yard line on 2nd & 4, Tom scrambled and was lit up by Redskins MLB London Fletcher. The problem is that Brady slide and once a QB slides, a defender cannot hit them. This time, Brady slid too late and Fletcher decked him. 

Toni L. Sandys/ The Washington Post

       It was a nice BROfessional hit, yet a penalty flag was thrown & Fletcher was called for an "Unnecessary Roughness" penalty. REALLY, BRO? What makes matters worse, was the fact that the referees came to the conclusion that Fletcher's forearm hit Brady's Helmet. Really, Bro? See for yourself.

Brian Murphy
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images
Does anybody see a forearm to the helmet?

Watch the play:

       How was Fletcher supposed to know that Brady was going to slide and/or when he would slide? Was penalizing Fletcher the right thing to do? I'll allow Charles Barkley to decide:

To the referee who called that a penalty Really, Bro?

        Los TeBros aren't finished with these referees. There a couple questionable calls near the end of this game. The first one, occurred at New England's 5 yard line with the Redskins down 34-27. 'Skins QB Rex Grossman threw, what he thought was the game-tying TD to WR Santana Moss in the front right corner of the endzone with 1:10 left in the game. The referee closest to the TD called an offensive passing interference "penalty" on Moss. I wanted to see a replay of the "penalty," but FOX never showed a replay. Which makes Los TeBros question the call. Here is the video of the play:


        A couple plays later on 3rd down, Grossman went back to his play maker and the ball went through Moss' hands & slipped into Patriots MLB Jerod Mayo. It was a nice play by Mayo as he dove and "caught" the ball. But did Mayo really catch the ball? From numerous replays, it was difficult for the referees to find conclusive evidence. After an official booth review, the call was confirmed. Mayo gets the interception and the Patriots win. Here's the questionable interception:


        All of the camera angles were "turrible." Los TeBros question the decision by Grossman to throw the ball short of the goaline as the Patriots only rushed three. Grossman still had a lot of time to wait for a receiver to get open. Instead, he threw it to a WR who was covered. Really, Bro?

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