Sunday, December 11, 2011

Los TeBros BROment of the Week #1

The Denver Broncos

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

       After being shut out for the first three quarters and most of the fourth, Broncos QB Tim "The Mile-High Messiah" Tebow threw a 10 yard TD to WR Demaryius Thomas with 2:08 left in the 4th quarter. After the Broncos messed up a perfect opportunity to recover an onside kick (two Broncos bumped into each other), on a second down, Bears RB Marion Barber ran for a nice short gain, he ran out of bounds. Thus, stopping the clock with 1:55 left in the 4th.

       The Broncos would eventually get the ball back via Adam Podlesh punt and then Tebow did his thing. Completing pass after pass to set up Matt Prater's 59 yard game-tying field goal.

Watch in 1080p:

       In OT, the Bears won the toss and started with the ball. The Bears had a nice drive and were in a good situation to win the game. A couple plays after Barber made a diving catch to put the Bears in FG range, Barber took the handoff and found a hole and looked as if he was going to reach paydirt. Barber was then stripped of the ball and the Broncos recovered.

       Tebow threw multiple passes to Thomas and the Broncos were in FG range. Prater, like before, made a 50+ yard FG, but this time it was from 51 yards & this one won the game.

Watch in 1080p:

* YouTube Removed this Video. Really, Bro?

       As a reporter talked to Tebow after the game, he thanked his lord and savior Jesus Christ and thanked God. He then later gave props to his teammates and did not take any credit for this W. Tim Tebow had this to say,

                 "Those guys make me look
                    better then I really am."

       After a 4th Quarter & OT where he made clutch completion after completion, he is still humble.

             Los TeBros applaud & approve
                 of this True BROfessional.

Los TeBros may not be able to make a Top 10 list for Tebow because 

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