Sunday, December 18, 2011

Really, Bro? #11

San Diego Chargers QB Phllip Rivers

       I'll start by saying "No," this is not about his performance for my fantasy football team. I'm pretty happy about the big night he had tonight (even though he was on my bench), but that's not the point. Also, this "Really, Bro?" isn't going to be like the previous ones. Instead, this one was a complete surprise to Los TeBros.

       Actually, on second thought, maybe it is relevant to a certain extent. It's pretty obvious that Phillip Rivers has not performed the way he usually has in previous seasons. His 4,015 passing yards and 23 touchdowns are still impressive, but when I've watched him earlier in the season it looked like there was something physiologically wrong with him. He's turned the ball over more through 14 games than he has in any of his previous seven seasons with a total of 22 turnovers (17 interceptions, 5 fumbles lost).

       What's wrong with him? Terrible offensive line? Injuries to his top targets? Defense placing too much pressure on his shoulders?

       While you can make an argument for each of these reasons, there is another thing Los TeBros found out. But before we talk about it, allow me to ask this question: How many kids does Philip rivers have?  Zero  One  Two  Three  Answer:  SIX

        That's right, six! Philip Rivers has six kids. Really, Bro? Like I wrote before, Los TeBros are not questioning an act of a "non-Bro-like" moment. We are just asking what all of you are thinking. Los TeBros have nothing against having a lot of children, we are just surprised that Philip Rivers has this many kids. Maybe he was trying compete with former teammate, now Jets CB Antonio Cromartie:

Really Bro?  Rivers has some catching up to do on the field (and in the bedroom)

       All jokes aside, fathering six kids must be a hassle and exhausting. He's playing very well right, like he always does this time of the year (career 23-2 record in December). He's adjusted perfectly. While his wife was pregnant and he threw 6 touchdowns/7 interceptions through his first 5 games. It's reasonable for him to be worrying about her and wanting to be by her side. Maybe that had something to do with his performance. 

       Los TeBros along with many others thought Rivers would pick it up after the birth of his daughter (Los TeBros didn't know it was his sixth at the time). The opposite happened. He threw for a lot of yards the next five games, but he threw 10 interceptions compared to just 9 touchdowns. To make things worse, the Chargers were 0-5 through that span.

       Rivers has looked much better the last three weeks and needs a strong finish and a Broncos collapse to have a shot at playoffs. Chargers must win out, so Rivers better watch out for Ndamukong Suh and the Detroit Lions.

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  Los TeBros would like to congratulate Rivers and his wife for the birth of their sixth child. 

Do you guys think the birth of his child or fathering six kids had something to do with his early to mid-season struggles? Let us know in the comment section below.

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