Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Really, Bro? #6

CBS [December 12, 2011]

       You feel that deep, cold feeling in your heart? That's the emptiness of not watching a new episode of How I Met Your Mother last night. Los TeBros, like millions of others, set a special BROment aside to watch HIMYM at 8:00 pm every Monday evening. As to our surprise, HIMYM's Facebook page posted,

  " HIMYM will be pre-empted tonight... "

You're not the only one Barney

followed by some words a TeBro could not make out due to the fact his mind was blown. For whatever reason, CBS

                      " Really, Bro? "
Los TeBros started off as Lily

Then Los TeBros turned into Scooter

       That was from Los TeBros for all you other Bros out there. Los TeBros just wanted a little HIMYM while studying for Finals. Let's all hope that there is a new How I Met Your Mother next Monday! A TeBro may have to watch it on the DVR because there is an important MNF Game!

       I know Los TeBros were the not the only one's who wanted to watch a new episode. I'm sure HIMYM had a great reason to not show a new episode. How did you guys feel about this? Feel free to leave comments. Also, who will be Ted's wife? Leave your opinions and reasoning.

                No How I Met Your Mother = A Very Sad TeBro

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