Thursday, December 15, 2011

Really, Bro? #9: TeBros over Kilos

Chicago Bears WR Sam Hurd

Sam Hurd was arrested in Chicago today for attempting to purchase five to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week to sell in the Chicago area. REALLY BRO?

       Including your prorated signing bonus for 2011, other bonuses and base salary, you are scheduled to make $1,528,333 in 2011 and you are looking to delve into the illegal drug world? With all that money, you couldn't even hire an assistant to do your dirty work? Not smart bro

       Roger Goodell and other NFL executives are going to have to consider who his target market was with these planned drugged purchases . Was he planning on selling it to his fellow co-workers in the NFL? Or supplying large drug cartels in the Greater Chicago Area? Even if his intentions were to just sell to a few dealers, I think this should be punishable to the fullest extent league officials can. Drug trade supplies gangs with leverage and allows them to remain sustainable. There are often violent exchanges between drug suppliers and drug purchasers, because the exchanges are not protected by the law. We don't want to endanger our fellow bros do we?

       Way to throw away you NFL career, Sam. Your talent level never separated you from the rest of the pool, like Vick or Burress, so I don't expect to see you back in the NFL after the federal court processes this case. At least you get to stay in your home state of Texas, bro.

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