Thursday, December 15, 2011

Really, Bro? #8

Indonesia's Ban on the "Punk" Look

WARNING: Viewer's Discretion is Advised

       When the most worrisome demographic of any region is that of a sub-punk culture, you know there are going to be bro-codes broken. Now, when a person’s hair is thrown into the debate, hahaha we are really going to have a problem. Apparently some Indonesians are annoyed with the punk culture enough to conduct a raid on a punk show sweeping kids away for some moral cleansing! Yea!!! Let the spiritual healing begin! Wait, last time I checked, I don’t think that there is anything that necessarily connects one’s musical preference to their moral standing. In fact, one would say that to be taken into bondage by a preference may hold some correlation to one’s naivety or feeblemindedness. Kids committing crimes on the grounds of their connection and bondage to a work of art would be a sign of their naivety. And at this show, no one was arrested or charged any criminal counts for breaking a law. Hey, you know what also is a sign of feeblemindedness? Taking fucking kids away, cutting their hair, and trying to “educate” them on morals- all on the grounds that punk culture is immoral. Those aren’t fucking determinable grounds at all! Well fuck you bro, you can’t do that!!! This was a completely unbro-like moment for Indonesia.

        The only problem here is that, well yea, technically they can do this sort of thing. They just risk looking like huge assholes in the process- a caveat that they apparently don’t mind. Aceh, Indonesia, unfortunately is a beneficiary of some autonomy from the central government of Indonesia. Though Indonesia is a Muslim nation, it is much more moderate than other Muslim cultures. Many other regions in Indonesia don’t force women to wear headscarves nor have strict laws on what one could do in public or how they conduct their personal life. Aceh, however, does have these strict laws. Or so they want to think. I believe they somewhat enforce “laws”- certainly unbro-like laws, such as no alcoholic beverages, no kissing in public (whaaaaaaaa), no homosexuality, all what they see as immoral actions. Huh? Alright guys, let’s all do what’s contrary to our nature and stop kissing and getting drunk! NOT! This is an abomination. Man, and I talk about this fascist pig nation America as if it’s the worst (debatable). No kissing in public, what are the negative implications with that? Really bro? Give me a break!

        Ok, enough history, lets get back to these punks. Officials stated that no one was being held on any criminal charges. Hummmm, this sounds fishy to me. No criminal charges= no justification to kidnap any of these individuals. Because that is what it was, a kidnapping. Hell, if they were committing crimes take them away and by all means and lock them up! But none of this moral cleansing bullshit. Are you kidding me? They didn’t do shit! Someone having long hair or obtrusive clothing is that aggravating to you? If it is I would suggest getting a fucking life and living it. Stop trying to control others! ''We're not violating human rights. We're just trying to put them back on the right moral path.'' Really, you don’t think that cutting someone’s hair violates an individuals right to their own person? I think you should be the one subjected to going back to school for a re-education and learn what the word ‘violation’ means. If an individual walks down the street with a gun shooting people in the face, then I would say that it is a danger and this crazy person needs to be put away. If an individual walks down the street with tall spiked hair, combat boots, and loud clothes, I would say that that person must be into that sort of fashion. And if an individual walks into a punk show to collect immoral beings on account of their style of dress, and musical choice, and how they find it immoral, then I would say that that person needs to BRO THE FUCK UP and find life outside of their ignorance. The world is bigger than you, bro! You are too encapsulated by your ignorance. Just, bro the fuck up, please.

        Society always finds a way to create a group of outcasts and it may be inherently so that we do this. That is, it may just be our innate nature as Humans to always create groups and attempt to rigidly categorize individuals by them without noticing this false dichotomy it creates. Hence, why people are racist. This ignorance, unfortunately rampant and rapacious through a society’s norms only works to destroy individuals who can no further implicate upon another being positively or negatively. It’s the destruction of the individual and the production and reproduction of originality. It works contrary to our nature, and it rationally and logically follows that what so ever works contrary to our nature as humans, shall normatively be deemed negative. Society lives so closely to its norms, as if it were this almighty power that immutably restricts us. The best part of this is that society forgets that they are also responsible for the production of these norms. Hell, it’s like Wikipedia- we can all edit it!!! Woohooo!!!This isn’t however, a justification, just an explanation. And the quicker we learn to delineate between the two, the quicker we can fix societal issues and recognize problems. I shall now delve into an interpretation of Islamic thought and establish a…haha naww. I won’t do that. This is the (aki)Bert man, and I leave you with this: REALLY BRO?

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