Thursday, November 22, 2012

Really, Bro? #20

Walt Coleman, his Crew & NFL Rules 

Everyone here at Los TeBros would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! I honestly did not plan on writing anything today, but while watching the Detroit Lions vs. Houston Texans game I really had no choice, but to write about a certain play.


 We all know that refereeing games is hard and blown calls will be made, but the Justin Forsett “touchdown” should not have been missed.

First off, Walt Coleman and his crew failed to blow the whistle after Forsett’s elbow and knee clearly touched the ground. Forsett ended up running 60+ plus yards for a “touchdown.” Lions coach Jim Schwartz mistakenly threw the challenge flag onto the field. Due to NFL rules, once Schwartz threw the flag down, it wiped out any chance for the play to be reversed via official review.

Not only was the call missed, Detroit ended up being charged with a 15 yard penalty because of the challenge flag.


I’m not even a Lions fan & I was pretty upset about this.

Watching professional football hasn’t been the same over the past couple of seasons because rules constantly changing. The average football fan can’t even keep up with all of the new rules. So what if Jim Schwartz threw a challenge flag when the call was going to be reviewed anyways? Why is that a penalty? Why does it deserve a 15 yard penalty?

After the “touchdown” was signaled, Schwartz immediately pointed to himself signaling that it was his fault. Who can blame him for throwing a challenge flag? It was an obvious missed call and the people speaking into his ear were probably telling him that Forsett was down. Also, this rule for reviewing every touchdown is fairly new.

Texans fans have definitely found something to be thankful for. Also, props to Justin Forsett for being aware that no whistles were blown and finishing the play.

We’re curious, what did you guys think of this play? Do you agree with this NFL rule? You know my opinion, tell us yours!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

-          -  ST11

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