Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Really, Bro? #13

Kobe Bryant Doubters

Let's start off by saying, Los TeBros knows that this article will spark some controversy, so we'd love to hear your arguments for or against our evaluation in the comment section below.

       This article will be a continuation to Vegi Wayne's What's Going on in Lob Angeles article. Los TeBros couldn't help, but notice negative article after negative article about Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. Los TeBros would like to shed some light on Kobe's performance on the court while dealing with predicaments off the court.

       Currently, the Los Angeles Lakers are 1-2 after picking up their first win of the season after defeating the Utah Jazz in a convincing 96-71 fashion. On Christmas Day, the Lakers lost the first game of the season after Kobe turned the ball over and Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose hit the game winning shot with 4.8 seconds left. The second loss, the day after, was horrific for Lakers fans. The 100-91 loss to the Sacramento Kings sent most Lakers fans into panic mode.

Kobe Bryant is upset about a call or lack thereof.

       What's wrong with the Black Mamba? Mid-December, almost a week before the regular season started, Vanessa Bryant (Kobe's soon to be Ex-Wife) filed for divorce. What made matters worse was the fact that days before the season started, Bryant had a torn ligament in his wrist. Numerous fans and and analysts predicted that the Lakers star would struggle with these two factors working against him, but Kobe isn't letting the divorce and wrist injury stop him.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
       The Lakers as a whole team does deserve a Really, Bro?, but the same thing cannot be said about #24. In the three games this season, he's averaging 27.7 PPG  6.7 REB  5.7 AST

       Los TeBros understand that it is only THREE games, but many people are surprised that the injured 33-year old Bryant is still producing at an elite rate. ESPN and the TrueHoop Network ranked Bryant #7 player in the NBA. That's right, Kobe Bryant was ranked outside of the Top 5!

Really, Bro?

This is how the remaining Top 6 looks:
                                                              6.  Oklahoma City Thunder SF Kevin Durant
                                                              5.  Dallas Mavericks PF Dirk Nowitzki
                                                              4.  Miami Heat SG Dwyane Wade
                                                              3.  Los Angeles Clippers PG Chris Paul
                                                              2.  Orlando Magics C Dwight Howard
                                                              1.  Miami Heat SF LeBron James

WARNING: Viewer's Discretion is Advised
       No disrespect to any of these players, but Kobe Bryant is still a Top 5 player. There's no question about that. Read some of the reactions on Twitter. Los TeBros thought Kobe Bryant doubters learned not to ever doubt this man. Los TeBros are pulling for our Bro, BRObe Bryant to come back from this early deficit.

Kobe's still got game, Bro:

This TeBro would love to have the newly single Black Mamba as a Wingman.

Kobe Bryant with all of his accolades.
       Do you guys think Kobe Bryant is still a Top 5 player? Where do you guys think he should be ranked? Who is in your Top 5? Do you think the Lakers will make the playoffs? Do you think the Lakers will win the Championship? Let us know.


NICK said...

Finally Someone sees all the hate coming towards the lakers! people are just jealous thats all... lakers will continue to win kobe will continue to be the greatest ! End Quote!

Anonymous said...

BRObe Bryant definitely IN my Top 5
1. BRObe Bryant
2. Kevin Durant
who cares who's next?
Lakers WILL WIN The Championship..
I trust Kobe.. he's the Greatest Player to ever play Basketball..
Win or Lose? #KobeFan4ever & #LakersFan4ever

ST11 said...

@NICK- We don't know why your comment was in our SPAM box, that's why this reply is late.

That's a BOLD statement, but he'll definitely need to win another ring or two. Thanks for the comment.

- ST11

ST11 said...

@Anonymous- I love how you used "BRObe Bryant." I do agree that Kobe's still a Top 5 player & his scoring so far ha s proven this. I'd like his shooting to be a bit more consistent. Thanks for answering out questions. Reader's opinions are always welcome. Thanks for the comment.

- ST11